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About us

SOSMYworld is designed to give you pocket sized peace of mind wherever, whenever, whatever you are doing. So whether you're going round the corner to the shops or round the world travelling, it's purely peace of mind for you, your family and friends.

Our company has offices in London and Windsor right next door to the castle so we have extremely noisy neighbours, but that's enough about Heathrow Airport. Having said that if you have ever flown into LHR you probably went right over the top of us.

As you will see from some of the other pages on our site we are all into different things some of us are real home birds, regular families, kids school runs, older ones off to University and others of us are into travelling, sports, flying skiing, diving, some of the crazy people actually have families, kids and do all of the above!

So we all come from different walks of life and have different backgrounds etc. SOSMYworld brought us all together, but what's good about this is that it keeps us grounded. We really are a mixed bunch. As a company we are on a mission but it's a cool one...

  1. First SOSMYworld is simple, straight forward, easy to use and best of all it is for everybody.
  2. Second, we are trying to make a difference so ten percent of all our profit is taken directly out of our account and split between Unicef, Save The Children and a bunch of other organisations that help people in difficult Situations.
  3. Third, our intention is to invest in people who have good ideas and help them succeed. Here is the deal if you have a good business idea then contact us we would love to meet you. Now it can be a commercial business or a not for profit organisation. Simply copyright your idea first and then contact sosmyworld. If we think we can help, we will contact you and arrange to meet up.
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