Welcome to sosmyworld.com

How it works

Hey welcome to SOSMYworld and thank you for checking us out!

How does SOSMYworld Work?

Don't panic! We've kept it really simple? (we had to our boss is more than a bit slow with the internet)

Please follow the simple steps below

  1. Click on our members button
  2. Fill out the short registration form and click the 'Register' button
  3. From here on it is your space to fill out as little or as much as you like

What information should I put up?

As much or as little as you like! It's your space and completely up to you.

The idea behind SOSMYworld is peace of mind, should anything happen to you and you need help from your nearest and dearest (next of kin for example) then the emergency services will be able to access these details on the net via your SOSMYworld Key ring.

Any non sensitive information that may help you when needed is fine.

Examples of non sensitive information you may wish to put on your space

  • Your next of kin details
  • Telephone numbers of who should be contacted and order of preference
  • Any medical conditions/allergies etc anything that may help you when required
  • If you're travelling it maybe a good idea to update your data with your insurance company name and policy number.

Examples of sensitive information that should NOT be put on your space

  • Bank details
  • Account number
  • Sort codes
  • Passwords

i.e. anything that could compromise your security, financially or otherwise.

OK I have put my info on my SOSMYworld space, what next?

That's it! Log out, put your SOSMYworld key ring on your keys and you're done!
We will send you an E-mail to the E-mail address you gave us a couple of minute ago. This e-mail you should keep as it will contain your unique id and login (the same as that written on your personal SOSMYworld key ring). We will drop you an E-mail every few months just as a reminder to keep your SOSMYworld space up to date.